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Celebrating over 75 years, Felician University is a Catholic Franciscan University founded and sponsored by the Felician Sisters in 1942.

Over 60 Academic Programs

  • 2400 Students
  • Located in Suburban Rutherford and Lodi (10 minutes apart)
  • 10 Miles to NYC
  • Rutherford Train – provides 20 minute ride to NYC
  • Student Faculty Ratio 14:1
  • 100% of Accepted First Year Students Receive Some Type of Grant of Scholarship
  • 1 of 26 colleges or universities recognized as an NGO by the United Nations

Encourages global learning through:

Study Abroad Programs

UN Fellows Program 

Hi, my name is Liz. I'm from South Brunswick, New Jersey. I'm a junior here at Felician University and, today, I will be showing you around the beautiful campus of Felician University.


Our first stop today is our lovely student union building. So let's go.


Our student center houses our career development and our counseling services. It's also where most of our campus activities happen. Some of our campus activities include DIY night, Dorney Park trips, trips to New York City for Broadway. They're incredible.

Welcome to Milton Court. This is our freshman residence halls. The way our rooms work is it's two people to one room. Two rooms connected by one bathroom. We also have security in front of both of our residence halls 24/7, 365 days a year.

We also have a health center here in Milton Court staffed by a full-time nurse practitioner. This is our dining hall. I eat here all the time, and my favorite meal is the pasta bar. And I also love saying hey to all my friends. Hey, guys!


So this is our athletic training room where our D2 athletes come for rehab, and our exercise sports science majors come to learn. So welcome to Elliot Terrace. This is where upperclassmen and transfer students dorm, and this is where I currently live in tower 4. Let's go check it out. So this is our living area. And this is my room. Welcome to our Castle Café proudly serving Starbucks. I highly recommend the hot chocolate because it's the bomb.


This is our Ed Commons home to our libraries, our computer labs, and our Nursing Resource Center. Behind me, we have our castle. Yes, it is, in fact, a real castle. It is currently housing our Office of Admissions, our Office of Institutional Advancement, and Alumni Association. It also is where our chapel is, which we're going to go check out right now.

This is our chapel. This is where we hold mass every single Sunday. We also have our parlor room which is used for studying and many other admission events.

Thank you so much for coming on this tour with me. I really hope you come visit it in person and maybe you'll be lucky enough to have me as your tour guide. Thank you so much.