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The business school focuses on career preparation. We focus on the world outside of the classroom. There's experiential learning opportunities with large corporations for marketing students, as well as accounting students.

One of the programs here that we have is the Vita program-- we prepare taxes for low-income and elderly members of the community. The five-year MBA program is a great program here that is offered at Felician. You start taking master's classes in your senior year, and then you'll graduate with your bachelors in four years, and then your masters in your fifth.

The MBA program is very important for students. It's even more important for accounting students, because it gives them the 150 credits for their CPA exam. So not only is the MBA program exclusive to the business school, you can also get an MBA if you have a major in computer science, or a crossover between criminal justice and cyber security.

So Felician does a great job of bringing in different executives from corporations. We had Investors Bank, KPMG, Quick Chek, Wegmans. We also do a business symposium, which we invite speakers such as Kevin Cummings, Investors Bank. We had a lawyer for the New York Giants, as well as our own president, President Prisco.