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School of Education

There are three tracks in Education:

1. Early Childhood (P-3) and Special Education

2. Elementary (K-6) and Special Education

3. Secondary (K-12) and Special Education

If completing Track 2 and majoring in Math, Bio, History, English - candidates can add the middle school endorsement.

If completing track 3, candidates must major in Math, Bio, History, English or Art.

Varied Clinical Experiences beginning in the Sophomore Year with advanced technology Avatar Training beginning in Freshmen Year.


At Felician, field starts your freshman year. That was a unique aspect for me in choosing to come here, because a lot of other schools, they won't start doing that until your junior year. Going into field my freshman year, I had a wonderful teacher who was like, anything you want to do I'm open for you to do and get the experience you want to get. So she let me do read-alouds. I did a few of my own small math centers with the students. I went on a class trip with them. I helped her take attendance, helped her grade, and I really just-- right off the bat coming to Felician, I knew that I wanted to teach.

My favorite part about Felician's education department is the opportunity to go to different classroom settings. We have preschool. We have elementary school. We have high school. We even have special education settings, if that's what you're interested in. And I didn't know if I was interested in it yet until I actually took one of my seminar classes, and then I added on my endorsement. So I was able to find my area of specialty.

Technology in the classroom today is important, as the goal is to meet the needs of all learners. So for example, during my sophomore field, I was placed in the special ed setting, where I had the opportunity to work with autistic students, both verbal and nonverbal, and I got the opportunity to see how a nonverbal student would use an iPad to communicate.

Most Felician students are employed within one year of graduation in their field. This is a result from all the clinical experience they have. A lot of times they are rehired in one of those schools working as aides, substitutes, and teachers.