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The Barbara J. Toscano Nursing Resource and Simulation Center occupies 11,000 square feet in the Education Commons building on the Rutherford campus.

The Center mirrors a hospital setting with the following:

  • Nursing Station Area
  • Hospital Beds
  • Medication Room
  • Workstations on Wheels with Scanning Technology
  • Health Assessment Lab
  • Telehealth Center
  • High Fidelity Patient Care Simulators

Additionally, A/V equipment, cameras, and microphones are used with simulations.

BSN, MSN, ABSN, RN-BSN, Online MSN, DNP programs offered.


What I like about Felician's nursing program is the small class sizes, the state of the art Nursing Resource Center and Simulation Lab, and pretty much the support of faculty and staff. When hearing from the upperclassmen who have graduated and have taken the boards or the NCLEX, they have said that the program here at Felician has prepared them and they found it very easy taking the NCLEX exam and starting their career as RNs.

The senior residency program offers a student the opportunity to work in a unit of their choice that they can see themselves pursuing a career in later on as an RN. We're actually one of the only programs in the state of New Jersey to have a senior residency program. This benefits a student because it gives them a firsthand look into what working in that unit is like, and it gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills.

So here at Felician University, our Nursing Resource Center has a Telehealth Center. And what that allows students to do is Skype with patients and give nursing care to patients who are in remote locations so that we can see their environment, their facial expression, if they're in pain, and anything else that the nurse needs to assess over a webcam.